Are you planning to hit the road with your dog? It can be fun and convenient to take him with you, but without careful preparation, you may be putting your dog in danger. Here are five easy ways to ensure that you know the safest way to travel with your dog in the car.

1. Buckle Up: Harness Seat Belts

safest way to travel with dog in car

Tying seat belt safest way to travel with a dog in the car. The harness secures your dog in one position, with a strap that plugs into the seat belt. It is suitable for both large and small dogs.

2. Dog Booster Seat/ Carry Box

safest way to travel with dog in car
Don’t you want to take him shopping?

If you have a small dog, then this would be a perfect choice for you. The elevated box gives smaller pups a good view of their surroundings and owner. Make sure to use it in conjunction with a dog harness. The way you use it is you place the carry box on the back seat, then put your dog in the harness and attach it to the plush carry box.

3. Back-Seat Barrier

safest way to travel with dog in car
Big doggo in the backseat

For larger dogs that struggle to relax when restrained, it would be advised to install a back-seat barrier that keeps your dog safe, should you brake suddenly. Before setting off, make sure that the barrier is securely attached. This solution is not suitable for smaller dogs.

4. Take Breaks

Big doggo taking a break while on a trip
Big doggo taking a break while on a trip

On a long road trip, your dog needs car snacks, water, and potty breaks, just like you do. Make water readily available to your pup to avoid dehydration. Meals, treats, and chew toys are great distractions for a busy dog in the car, too. Ensure that you’re stopping every couple of hours so your pet can use the bathroom.

5. Crates for relaxed dogs

safest way to travel with dog in car
Fancy boy, safely in the backseat

Great for both larger and smaller dogs, the crate ensures your dog is safe and secure. When you by a crate, make sure you find the right size of crate for your dog and your car.  It should be large enough for your dog to stand up and turn around in it. That way, your pup will be able to enjoy a comfortable ride. Place the crate in the back seat. You can also cover the crate with a blanket to help your dog relax. When crated in the car, your dog can snuggle up safely and ride in comfort.


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