Parrots have lots of unique qualities, but some of them have the ability to copy human speech, and that is what makes them so unique. Some bird species are capable to speak more than others, but no bird could learn to talk on their own unless they spend plenty of quality time with their humans and try to learn repeated words and sentences. If you are looking for a feathered friend that is fun to train and could mimic your loved one’s voice, here are five of the smartest talking parrot breeds.

smartest talking parrot breeds

Tip: Remember, every bird is an individual; some of them might never learn to talk, no matter what their species is. You must always choose a bird to give it love and a good home. You must never use any individual to show off their abilities.

5 Smartest Talking Parrot Breeds in the World:

1. Budgerigars

Budgerigars parrots

It is quite surprising to many people that the budgies, well known as budgerigars or parakeets can talk really well as compared to the larger talking parrot breeds. Fun fact, they even held a Guinness record in 1995. Some of the budgies are even known to have vocabulary having hundreds of words. However, their voice could be a bit raspy, and it is sometimes difficult to understand exactly what they are saying. The people who are their caretakers know well what this chatterbox is up to.

Species Overview:

Length: 6-8 inches

Weight: 1 ounce

Lifespan: 10 years

Physical appearance: Light green abdomen, yellow and black back with yellow head. Captive-bred colors may include gray, blue, green, yellow/blue, violet, and white.

Other names: Budgies, but are mistakenly called as Parakeets


  • Great pets with limited space.
  • Good pets for newbie bird owners.


  • They could live for 3-4 years on just seed diet.
  • They could develop tumors.

2. Amazon Parrots

amazon parrots

Another talking parrot breed that is famous for having the extraordinary speaking ability is this adorable and genius Amazon parrot. Amazon birds not only have built large, magnificent vocabulary but are also known for having a clear voice as compared to the other talking parrot breeds. Moreover, these birds are well known for learning cool tricks, which make them great, entertaining pets for the whole family. They are brilliant, spirited birds and hence love interacting with their caretakers.

Species Overview:

Length: 13-17 inches

Weight: 7-25 ounces

Lifespan: Can live up to 50 years in captivity

Physical appearance: Green body and yellow head. Red from the wing bend, with tan beak and white-colored rings around the eyes.

Sub-Species: (Yellow-naped) Amazona auropalliata

(Yellow Crowned Amazon) Amazona ocrocephala

(Double Yellow Headed) Amazona oratrix

(Blue Fronted Amazons) Amazona aestiva

(Orange-winged Amazon) Amazona amazonica


  • They are not prone to develop any problem due to less human interaction.


  • They could gain weight if their caretaker does not pay enough attention to their diet.
  • Can be a little loud thus not suitable for your close neighbors.

3. Quaker Parrots

quaker parrots

The charming Quaker parrots, well known as Monk parakeets, are quite expensive due to their talking talent and appealing personalities. Quaker birds are well capable of building large vocabularies and even able to pick up their caretaker’s words quickly. If you are a US citizen and planning on getting a Quaker bird then, you must check if it is legal in your area as it is illegal in a few parts. They are a great choice for the newbie who loves to have a company of a talking pet.

Species Overview:

Length: 11-12 inches

Weight: 3-5 ounces

Lifespan: 20-30 years

Physical appearance: Green body, wings and, head. They have grey breast, throat, and cheeks, with light blue feathers. Mutations may include albino, lutino, pied, blue, and cinnamon colors.


  • They are quite small in size but are great entertainers.


  • Can be loud and destructive sometimes.
  • Can become aggressive and would pluck their feathers when they are angry.
  • They are prone to pancreatic issues and obesity.

4. Indian Ringneck Parakeet

Indian ringneck parakeet parrot

They originate from Asia and India and have been kept as charming feathered pets for centuries. Earlier, people used to preserve this parakeet for royalty as they have extraordinary speaking abilities. Centuries back in India, the monks who used to recite religious prayers in the temple observed that these birds repeated prayers. As a result, this led to this parakeet considered as sacred or holy.

Species Overview:

Length: 14-17 inches

Weight: 4-6 ounces

Lifespan: 30 years

Physical appearance: Bright green body with a blue tail and yellow underwings. Males have black and red neck rings, whereas females have a pale shadow or no ring at all.

Other names: Ring-necked parakeet


  • Easily available and healthy.


  • They could be noisy sometimes and demands daily human interaction.

5. African Grey Parrots

african grey parrot

The African Grey parrots are gaining popularity due to this bird’s extreme intelligence. African greys can grow extended vocabulary. Most of them pick up the words they hear very quickly, as a result they speak up very clearly. There have been many instances where the caretaker has been fooled by their pet’s voice, hence assuming they were interacting with their family member. They are magnificent and do not require any specialized care. Grey needs to be socialized for at least 5 hours a day, so bringing this bird home is a responsibility.

Species Overview:

Length: 9-14 inches

Weight: 11-19 ounces

Lifespan: 40-50 years

Physical appearance: Different shades of grey on full-body having a bright red tail.

Other names: Cameroon, Ghana

Sub-species: Psittacus erithacus (Congo African Grey)
P. erithacus subspecies timneh (Timneh African Grey)


  • They have exceptional learning abilities.


  • Need lots of human interaction to keep them busy.
  • Early socialization is essential else they could get stressed.
  • Sometimes, lack of early interaction could make them prone to destroy their feather.


Parrots are adorable, vocal, and passionate birds that are full of entertainment. Sadly, they top the list of abandoned pets. Many people adopt parrots just because of their talking skills but forget that they too require attention, love, time, and money, which people fail to provide. To adopt a parrot, you have to be very caring and obsessed with birds. You must be willing to love them and care for them even if your pet bird fails to speak.


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