Are you planning on adopting a cat or getting a new kitten? If you are, then I am pretty sure that you are already very excited to bring home your lovable feline. But don’t let the excitement get to your head! Before you bring home your new cat, you may want to spend a few minutes thinking about how to cat proof your home.

cat in a gift bag

It is a must that you prepare your home for the arrival of your new kitty. You have to keep in mind that your home may be filled with things that are common to us but may be dangerous to them. And let us not forget about the fact that cats tend to be curious.

The best thing you can do is to prevent curiosity to kill the cat (pun intended!), by cat-proofing your home. This article can serve as the ultimate guide for you.

Things You Need to Consider When Cat-Proofing Your Home

As mentioned above, there are things in our home that are seemingly harmless to us but extremely dangerous to them (and that should be the target for you to cat proof your home). Here are some of them:

1. Washing machine (and dryers!)

cat in a washing machine
Greetings human! Tbh I dunno what I’m doing.

Dryer and washing machine accidents are common, and the sad part is that they are fatal. Just a few seconds of being in a running dryer or washing machine may lead to bruising, thermal contusions, heat stroke and burns. Because of this, you should keep the entry points of these machines closed and secure at all times. And of course, you also need to check the appliances first before using them.

2. Electrical Cords and Window Treatments

For cats, these items may seem like amazing things that they can play with, and play with it they will! However, what is supposed to be a fun time can easily turn into a traumatic moment for them. Cats can easily get caught up with the cords or curtains which may lead to strangling and may damage the limbs. The best way to avoid that is to hide and conceal cables with the use of covers and hide curtains behind your furniture.

3. Cleaners and chemicals

Our home is filled with chemicals that can be harmful for your cat – antifreeze, dish-washing detergent, mosquito repellent and many more. The best thing that you can do is to place them in shelves and cabinets that your cat is not be able to gain access to. You should also avoid using cleaners with poisonous chemicals when cleaning the floor, your cat’s food bowls and their litter boxes.

4. Plants

There are some plants that are toxic to cats. To protect your cat from possible poisoning, research about what these plants are and if you have them at home, throw them out. (To give some examples: cyclamen, amaryllis, chrysanthemum, etc.)

Additional Cat Proof Tips You Need to Know

In addition to focusing on the house items mentioned above, there are a lot of other cat proofing tips that you need to know. Here are some of them:

1. Buy your cat a scratching post

Scratching pole for cats
Busy doing my manicure!

Since you are a cat lover, I am assuming that you already know this fact – cats love to scratch! Because of this, most cat owners often complain about their furniture and other household items getting ruined. The most effective solution to this would be to give your cat a scratching post. This way, your kitten/cat will be able to sharpen its claws without damaging anything inside your home.

2. Restrict the access to balconies

We all know that cats are quite agile, but a fall from a high place can lead to serious injuries. It can cause damage to the cat’s jaw, chin, legs, limb, spine and ribs. If you want to protect your cat from these injuries, you can restrict its access to the balcony by setting up a high gate or by always closing the door.

3. Place medication in safe places

Both human and animal medication can be dangerous for your cat. Just assume that all medication is poisonous to your cat, so make sure that you keep it in secure cabinets and  on high shelves.

4. Give your cat some toys

cat toys

Just like dogs, cats also love to play, and if they are not able to play, they will get bored. Once they get bored, they will use their pent up energy to do things that you would not like – such as running around the house, jumping, scratching and many more. To avoid this, you can give the cat some toys that will keep him preoccupied for hours.

5. Buy a trash bin with a lid

Cats love to play with garbage. Aside from the fact that trash will be strewn all over your home, there’s also a chance that your cat may get sick when playing with your garbage. Buying a secured trash bin can help prevent the cat from doing that.

6. Lock your window screens

cat posing with window
Sorry I didn’t see you there! You called for me?

Cats adore the sunshine and the warmth it brings them, and that’s why you would most often find them in your window panes, trying to get as much sunshine as they can get. Because of this, make sure that you lock your window screens to prevent your cat from getting out. You can also try installing cat-proof screens which don’t get torn up as easily as regular window screens.

7. Put the toilet lid down

There are already many cases wherein the cat has jumped into the toilet or bathtub and ended up drowning. This can happen to kittens and older cats (who are no longer as agile as they used to be). You can prevent this from happening by putting the toilet lid down at all times. In addition to that, you also need to make sure that the door to the bathroom stays closed.

Cats are the most curious creatures in the world. Your cat is so lucky to have someone like you who will look over and take care of him. I hope that these cat proofing tips will help you do that!



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