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Dogs are awesome! They can be faithful companions and fun friends at the same time, if they are treated right. However, there are certain dogs that tend to behave better around children and therefore are more suited for families with kids. We have compiled a list of 5 kid-friendly dog breeds so you can pick the one that you like the most.
Sudden change in dog behavior

5 Sudden Change In Dog Behavior (and What to Do)

When we think of dogs, we tend to imagine a happy, goofy companion that loves to play and, loves to be sat right by our side. A running joke in the dog-parent community is the fact that our pooches absolutely lack personal space. Usually, it is impossible to even go to the bathroom in peace.
Cute Doggo

How CBD Oil for Arthritis in Dogs Works

The sometimes-cruel nature of life’s natural aging process can also affect our canine companions and they are prone to contracting some of the same illnesses we do in our old age. Ailments such as arthritis ...
CBD Oil and antidepressants for your pup

CBD Oil and Antidepressants for Your Pup

Depression and anxiety disorders are common illnesses that usually come about as a result of some kind of trauma. Just as humans suffer from depression, dogs do too! With all the horror stories of puppy mills and animal cruelty that flood our news feeds on social media every day, more people are opting to rescue a dog that has been abandoned or mistreated in some way.
Separation anxiety in dogs

6 Signs of Separation Anxiety in Dogs: How to treat?

Any dog owner will have experienced feelings of guilt when leaving their four-legged friend alone. While it is completely natural for dogs to miss us and want us to come home as soon as possible. Some dogs suffer severe cases of separation anxiety on a different level. Not only does this make going out on our own somewhat of a chore, but it also can cause your dog problems, not to mention your couch, shoes, table… the list goes on!
Critical signs of stress in a dog

What to Look Out for To Tell Your Dog Is Stressed

After a hard day’s work, you may sometimes look at your pooch and wish you had it easy as they did. After all, they get three (free) square meals a day, a comfy bed, ZERO bills and plenty of belly scratches. Ahhh, that’s the life, right? But you might be missing some critical signs of stress in a dog.

5 Easy Tips For The Safest Way To Travel With Dog In Car

Are you planning to hit the road with your dog? It can be fun and convenient to take him with you, but without careful preparation, you may be putting your dog in danger. Here are five easy ways to ensure that you know the safest way to travel with your dog in the car.
Hungry dog wanting to have a healthy snack

What are some healthy snacks for my dog?

Dogs having a balanced and nutritionally complete diet, won’t feel hungry in between their meals. When they do feel like snacking sometimes, there’s no harm in giving them fruits and vegetables. Moreover, these veggies and fruits are safe for your furry friend and way healthier than their prepacked food.
Safe road trip with your dog

5 Ways To Make The Road Trip With Your Dog Stress-Free

Fear peeing, puking and pooing; shaking, barking, whining and whimpering. Yeah, safe to say that hitting route 66 quickly turns into the road trip from hell when accompanied by your nervy canine. So, what can you do about it? Let’s work through our top waggly-tail tips.
treats for eight-week-old puppies

Best Treats For Puppies: Treats For Eight-Week-Old Puppies

Puppies are great but also require lots of love attention and are a huge responsibility. At eight weeks, most puppies are leaving their infancy age and therefore are going to need proper nutrition to grow and thrive. An eight-week-old puppy can have treats; however, we need to be more careful with them as compared to an adult dog. These treats can be given as long as they are healthy and safe, meaning it should be non-toxic and have fewer calories.